Teens Dream Global Co-Lab Show against Gun Violence.

I just posted this last week. It's a show organized and performed by teens of Teens Dream Collaborative that I produced in AIM studios. They created art aimed at addressing and stopping gun violence. It's truly heartbreaking that it continues in such a horrific way. Thoughts and prayers are good, as long as they come with action to stop the mass shootings like the one that happened to the Synagogue in Pittsburgh this weekend. We need solidarity with each other from all backgrounds. We need to hold our politicians accountable when they use dehumanizing language to refer to groups of people or other politicians. We need to admit gun violence is a problem and address it with common sense gun legislation. Sadly mass shootings are just one aspect of the problem. Guns cause us to loose countless people to crimes of anger, and countless more to suicide. These actions, made easier by guns, affect us all because we loose human potential, and raise fear which stops communication and can make the problem worse. 


Nathan Bynum